RSO in Schools The Crow’s Prophecy

Presented by Dr Roberta McKay & Elmer Brenner

The Crow’s Prophecy Synopsis

This is the story of how, RSO principal oboe player Tamsin Johnson accidentally swallows her reed and is turned into a crow. She then meets a variety of musical characters that help her discover her love for music in a Wizard of Oz-like quest to be transformed back into a human. “The Crow’s Prophecy” shows how music can tell stories, express ideas, and share emotions.

This 40-minute performance is interactive, fun, and is tailored to the Saskatchewan arts education learning outcomes for grades 1-6.

A Teachers’ Guide accompanies the video performance of “The Crow’s Prophecy” providing guided listening, historical information, lesson plans, and activities related to each piece in the performance. The Teachers’ Guide provides flexible lesson plans that can easily delivered in-person, in a social distanced classroom, and through remote learning.

Video by Strategy Lab Marketing