The Regina Symphony Orchestra offers cost-effective advertising opportunities to connect your business with the symphony audiences, in print, in person and online. 

Overture Magazine

This season, we have reimagined our printed concert programs to better serve our existing audience with behind-the-scenes content, opportunities to get to know the artists and learn about the music. This is a cost-effective opportunity for your businesses to advertise to connect with audiences in Regina and beyond.

Four issues will be produced during the season, distributed at the concert and mailed out to communities in Southern Saskatchewan.  2000 copies of each issue will be produced, and all will be distributed through the mail drop or at concerts.

Digital Advertising

The RSO uses emails to connect with our audiences to share information on our concert schedule, how they can support our work and draw attention to other events in our community.

  • Ticket holders for concerts receive the Know Before You Go email two days before the performance. These emails contain details like program notes, venue information and schedule of additional events. These emails go exclusively to the ticket holders for the upcoming event.
  • The RSO Newsletter list is an opt-in email group. These are sent out at least once a month to share our upcoming events (10 between September and June); are also sent when a new concert is announced or as needed.