Shop and Support

Shop & Support can be used by anyone wanting to raise funds for the Regina Symphony Orchestra. It’s simple: you purchase prepaid retailer cards (a.k.a. gift cards, shopping cards, gift certificates) through the RSO (via Shop and Support) and use them instead of cash for your purchases at many popular retailers.  Whether it be groceries, gas, clothing, dining out, home improvement, travel or gift giving, pretty much anywhere you shop, you can Shop & Support the RSO!  

How it works:

  1. Click the link below to have a look at the current gift card list.
  2. Download and fill out the order form with the cards you want, save it, and email it as an attachment to Sharon at
  3. When we have enough orders placed from all of our supporters (total of $4000 to save on postage costs), we send our request, and the cards are sent to Sharon within a week, who will distribute them to you!
  4. Use or give the gift cards.  They never expire.

There is no additional cost to you.  In order to help support not for profit organizations, like the RSO, these retailers have agreed to donate a portion (up to 15%) of the face value of every gift card purchased to organizations who are members of Shop and Support.

Gift Card List

Order Form