RSWA Boutique

On Symphony nights in the lobby of the Conexus Art Centre you can find a table covered with a fascinating array of merchandise. Carefully curated to appeal to concertgoers, and limited only by space and portability, the RSWA Boutique aims to provide a pleasant shopping diversion before and after the concert and during intermission. Stop by to check out our selection of CDs, scarves, jewellery, books, cards, Chopin Liszts, pens, pencils, candy and chocolate.

The RSWA also participates in the Shop and Support program of gift cards. When you buy prepaid retailer cards (a.k.a. gift cards, shopping cards, gift certificates) through us, a percentage of the value of the gifts cards ordered is contributed to the RSO. We send in orders regularly, and accept cash, cheque or credit card (Visa or MasterCard).

Please contact Sharon Eisbrenner for more information

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