Individual Giving

RSO Donors’ Circle

Join the RSO Donors’ Circle and help keep the music alive! Your support helps the RSO continue to entertain, inspire, educate, and bring joy to generations of music lovers. As a member of the RSO Donors’ Circle you will receive some fantastic benefits as well as a tax receipt. 

Music by the Month

All Donations to the RSO can be made in full, monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual installments. First payment may be deferred for up to three months. You will receive all applicable benefits for the amount you pledge for the year. Tax receipt is issued after final payment. You can give monthly by post-dated cheque or credit card and you can make changes to your donation at any time with a simple call. Help keep the music going all year round with a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual instalment.

Planned Giving – Leave a Legacy

Consider making a contribution to the RSO as a part of your long term financial planning. Gifts through estate planning, securities, or bequests can help you leave a legacy and support our future. Planned gifts can be directed towards RSO Concerts, Education & Outreach Programs, or towards the RSO’s Endowment Fund. A Planned Gift to the RSO leaves a legacy for tomorrow’s audiences.

The RSO Endowment Fund

The RSO Endowment Fund was set up to ensure that the RSO will be here for future generations of music lovers. Funds donated are invested in perpetuity. Only the interest can be distributed towards RSO Operations. As we grow our Endowment Fund, our goal is that in future years, revenue from the Endowment Fund can help sustain the overall financial health of the RSO. It is managed by the South Saskatchewan Community Foundation, Inc. whom we gratefully thank for their support. All gifts are tax deductible. Please consider a gift to the RSO Endowment Fund to help secure the next 100 years of music!